Thousands of people have been introduced to Jesus and discipled in their faith. We are also called to be the hands and feet of Jesus bringing holistic wellness through job creation and provision of meaningful employment, provision of health and trauma healing services, formal education in school settings and informal education through business and agricultural training, and dignity through provision of water and sanitation to households and communities. Together, we are joining Jesus in His mission.

What is the TMS Thrive Program?

TMS Thrive is a developmental learning experience in which participants explore the root causes of common barriers to thriving in ministry. This initiative seeks to provide pastors with skills that facilitate thriving personally and professionally.

TMS Thrive addresses barriers to thriving commonly named by pastors, such as:

  • Social isolation, loneliness, and depression. Lack of financial resources for ministry and personal life.
  • Imbalance or tension between personal life and ministry.
  • Lack of vocational clarity – “Why am I in ministry?” and, “Am I called?”
  • Inability to sustain ministry participation by parishioners.
  • Inadequate preparation for the realities of local ministry.
  • Ministry attrition due to feelings of inadequacy and feeling an inability to make a difference.
What are the Thrive program components?
  • Each participant will be assigned a professional life coach to work on goals related to their thriving.
  • Peer Mentorship. Pastors will be paired with peers in the US and in Kenya for mutual encouragement and mentoring.
  • In-person and Online Workshops. The cohort will meet monthly either in-person or online to discuss topics of mutual interest, to learn new tools to aid in thriving, and to reflect on their experiences, learning, and development.
  • International Cultural Immersion Experience. The cohort will travel together to a new culture where they will actively integrate into an unfamiliar community, interact with local people, and seek to understand the way others live in that community by being present and engaging in daily life activities.
  • Restorative Retreat. The program concludes with a celebration in East Africa during which the cohort will celebrate their time in the Thrive program, reflect on their growth and learnings, and rest together.
Who should apply?

TMS Thrive is designed for mid-career pastors, providing an experiential journey that encourages thriving in ministry through dialogue, building relationships, and cross-cultural immersion experiences.

Participation in TMS Thrive involves stepping away from the pastor role for periods of retreat, learning, and reflection; therefore, participants will need to have solid congregational support in their absence. One’s readiness to participate in the program will be demonstrated by exhibiting a healthy self-awareness of gifts, shortcomings, and areas for growth. In addition, for the coaching and mentoring process to be truly fruitful, agreeing to be accountable and having a clear core faith commitment will be essential to one’s success.

What are the benefits of participating in TMS Thrive?

The best descriptions of the benefits of participating in TMS Thrive may be found by listening to the stories of past participants and reading the past Impact Reports found on our website.

Key benefits that past participants have cited include:

  • Receiving professional coaching.
  • Building effective working relationships with local and international ministry leaders.
  • Strengthening communication skills.
  • Participating in the cross-cultural immersion experience.
  • Developing healthy coping skills.
  • Participating in peer-to-peer mentoring.
  • Clarifying your passion for ministry.
  • Learning practices that enhance spiritual growth and reduce stress.
  • Discovering new ways of stepping into unfamiliar spaces.
  • Increasing your awareness of how your own culture informs you about other cultures.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of how God is at work in the world.
How much does the TMS Thrive program cost?

Program participation fees for the two- year TMS Thrive program may be found on the program application. The participation fee covers all program expenses, including all travel, accommodations, and meals for in-person meetings. The only items not covered are the cost of obtaining a passport and any immunizations required for travel, and spouse travel if they choose to attend the final celebration meeting with you.

More questions?

For more information, please contact your local TMS Thrive program representative:

Program Director 

Mary Kay Jackson

Mobile/WhatsApp:  +1(404) 661-0634