Kenya Cohort 2023-2026

A cross-cultural program for pastors that focuses on the pastor’s well-being, both inside and outside the church, through peer-to-peer support, coaching, training and immersive experiences.

Is Thrive Needed in Kenya? 

Thrive Identifies Felt Needs

Six Areas For thriving

Life Satisfaction

Spiritual, Mental, Physical Health

Meaning, Mission, Purpose

Character,Professionalism, Virtue

Close SocialRelationships

Financial and Material Stability


Equip pastors with the skills to thrive spiritually, emotionally, and physically – both as leaders and in their interpersonal relationships.

Facilitate cross-cultural learning that allows pastors to spend time with each other, learn from what helps each person thrive, and how others work to overcome challenges.

Cultivate sustainable relationships, lasting beyond the cohort, wherein pastors encourage each other through peer-to-peer mentoring that gives them protected space to share, while also supporting each other in collaborative ministry.

Support pastors through trainings that strengthen their church engagement in local and global missions.

Kenya Coaches

US Coaches

Nyambura Auma

Benson Irungu

Mark Kiiru

Leo Kinuthia

Rose Ogega

Warren Mitchell

Paulo Lopes

Jennifer Vanmeter

Philipia Hillman

Impact Report

TMS Impact Report PDF Ghana