TMS Thrive equips US and International pastors with the skills to thrive in ministry through cross-cultural dialogue, relationship building, skill-building workshops and immersion experiences in each others’ communities. This two-year program is designed for early to mid-career pastors. Participants are organized in two cohorts, one in the US and the other abroad.


The program’s goal is to reduce attrition and to provide pastors with the skills needed to thrive holistically in order to more effectively join Jesus in the call to fulfill the Great Commission.


Why is it needed?

The Barna Group interviewed more than 14,000 pastors, reporting the following in “The State of Pastors”:

Risk Metrics:


Joseph W. Daniels

TMS Thrive opens the door for pastors to learn from other cultures, gain new skills for effective ministry, and glean from examples of what it means to be a community that can lead to more wholistic living.

Sheleta Fomby

I’m a part of the TMS Thrive program because it is designed to uniquely equip me with resources, relationships, and resilience to navigate the competing priorities and tensions of pastoral ministry while enhancing my vocational clarity by providing essential skills to achieve alignment across all dimensions of life.

Akua Ofori-Boateng

TMS Thrive uses the strength of community to help each of us overcome challenges in order to thrive in ministry, at home, and in our communities.